Fortnite Fortbyte #43 Location – Accessible by wearing the Nana Cape Back Bling inside a Banana Stand

The 14 Days of Summer have begun in Fortnite and Fortbytes will continue to be added during its duration. The newest collectible tasks you with wearing the Nana Cape while finding your way into a banana stand.

Events are times of celebration, fun, and mayhem in Fortnite and Fortbytes will fit well into the mix. As players take to the various LTM modes of the summer, the challenge of reaching 100/100 Fortbytes continues.

For those that don’t know, players receive an exclusive Season 9 skin when they reach 90 Fortbytes. The skin’s name is Singularity and sports the same cyperpunk/futuristic themes as the rest of Season 9. See an image of the skin below:

Singularity – Fortnite Fortbyte Outfit – Unlocked at 90 Fortbytes

Fortbyte #43 Location – Map & Guide

As you are familiar with by now, many of these challenges force you to unlock Battle Pass item before completion. Number 43 is another one of those. The tier requirement takes a surprising step backwards from the recent 50-60 level requirements.

The Nana Cape is unlocked at Season 9 Tier 23 and needs to be equipped before you enter a game. Once you’re done gearing up, jump into a Team Rumble game to kick things off.

Fortbyte #43 Location – Neo Tilted

Your mission target for the day is the cyber city of Neo Tilted. It still remains Fortnite’s most busy hot drop, so expect enemies even if the location is deep on your team’s side. Loot up before heading the Banana Stand to ensure a swift completion and, maybe, a couple of easy kills.

The Banana Stand sports glaring yellow colors and is located on the western end of the southern road. The building can be easily spotted from the air and ground due to its bright banana imagery.

Epic hasn’t taken any special measures to hide the Fortbyte. It’s completely visible once you land at the location’s front door. Fighting around the collectible quickly turns into clustered chaos, so we suggest getting in and out fast before you are boxed in.

Here’s a video from D3me4 showing the location of Fortbyte 43 in-game:

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